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Zurich. A special offer in difficult times: Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider will personally conduct the divine service on Easter Sunday — and it will be transmitted around the world for the benefit of all Church members. It was his desire to address the believers personally, he said.  Continue reading

The Chief Apostle addresses the faithful world-wide with a personal New Year’s address. “Rich in Christ” is the motto for the year 2019 and the message of our Chief Apostle explores the wealth we have received through our faith in Jesus Christ. It is a wealth that we both treasure and share with our neighbour in word and deed. HAPPY NEW YEAR Continue reading

with these words the Chief Apostle relieved tonight in Hong Kong the DA Urs Hebeisen from his responsibility to care for the countries Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Macao and HongKong and entrusted this area to DAH Peter Schulte who will be appointed District Apostle in Brisbane coming Sunday.

The new chapter written now is titled WESTERN PACIFIC, the new name for the DA Area Australia. The multinational congregation was served with a sermon based on John 16:13+14. Also in the new chapter the Holy Spirit will testify of the truth. Jesus the only truth

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“faithful to Christ – as a happy family” “忠於基督 – 作為一個幸福的家庭”

The annual retreat was again in the mountains of Miaoli and this year on 4th and 5th August. The District Apostle was on his last visit to Taiwan and joined the event after visiting the National Dr. Sun Yet-Sen Memorial. Our local Priest who is a coffee grower gave a seminar on proper brewing of coffee and the local aboriginal team of senior dancers surprised everyone with their performances promoting physical exercise for good health.

今年8月4日和5日的年度退修會再次出現在苗栗山區。區使徒在他最後一次訪問台灣,參觀了國家孫中山紀念館後,並參加了此次活動。 一位咖啡種植者舉辦了一場關於正確釀造咖啡的研討會,當地原住民的高齡舞蹈團隊的表現讓每個人感到驚訝,他們的表演促進了身體鍛煉以保持身體健康。

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The District Apostles from all over the world gathered in Washington DC for their first annual meeting. Their wives visited a charity organization, also the Bible Museum and engaged in a discussion on the early church.

After intensive deliberations during 2 days they made a short sightseeing tour visiting Arlington cemetery, the Lincoln Memorial and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. An exhibition on various NAC programs rounded the program up. Continue reading


The events between Palm Sunday and Easter are full of suspense: a man is betrayed, scorned, accused, arrested, and killed. Jesus goes through hell and reaches heaven. A timeline from the Gospel of Mark.

Palm Sunday
It all begins on Palm Sunday, the Sunday before Easter. People are standing at the side of the road cheering Jesus Christ as He rides into Jerusalem on a donkey. It is a moving sight. Solemn. Festive. Loud. This is something people do not see every day. They acclaim their king, throw Him kisses, stretch their arms out to Him, and are full of good thoughts for Him. He is considered a miracle worker, a good preacher. He is one of them, a man of authority. Jesus lets them be. He knows that His hour has come. He spends the night with His friends in Bethany. He wants to rest. Bethany is a place where He finds peace and quiet before the storm. Continue reading

Coming Sunday the New Apostolic Church worldwide celebrates the first of three yearly divine services for the Departed. Based on the understanding  that God wants all men to be saved we believe that sacraments are not limited to souls living on earth. We pray for all mankind. Only Jesus can deliver from evil and draw souls to Him. Salvation is not just limited to life on earth. Jesus sent His Apostles to help all in need; let us have empathy for all souls, here and in the beyond and have the desire to contribute to their salvation. Continue reading


On 28th and 29th October church members from around Taiwan gathered together for the annual retreat in Tai An, Miaoli County. The theme for the weekend was “Glory to the Father with our Family.”

十月二十八日和二十九日,來自台灣各地的教友聚集在苗栗縣泰安每年一度的聚會。 週末的主題是“與家人一起榮耀天父”。

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