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“faithful to Christ – as a happy family” “忠於基督 – 作為一個幸福的家庭”

The annual retreat was again in the mountains of Miaoli and this year on 4th and 5th August. The District Apostle was on his last visit to Taiwan and joined the event after visiting the National Dr. Sun Yet-Sen Memorial. Our local Priest who is a coffee grower gave a seminar on proper brewing of coffee and the local aboriginal team of senior dancers surprised everyone with their performances promoting physical exercise for good health.

今年8月4日和5日的年度退修會再次出現在苗栗山區。區使徒在他最後一次訪問台灣,參觀了國家孫中山紀念館後,並參加了此次活動。 一位咖啡種植者舉辦了一場關於正確釀造咖啡的研討會,當地原住民的高齡舞蹈團隊的表現讓每個人感到驚訝,他們的表演促進了身體鍛煉以保持身體健康。

Good health was thus the first step to the introduction of the theme of this year’s retreat: “faithful to Christ – as a happy family” and next also spiritual health illustrated by a basket of 9 spiritual fruits supported by lessons from Catechism chapter 13: ‘Marriage and family‘.

因此,良好的健康是引入今年退修會主題的第一步 “忠於基督 – 作為一個幸福的家庭” 接下來還有來自“教理問答”第13章:“婚姻與家庭”的教導,一籃子9種精神果實所顯示的精神健康。

What is a happy family without Love? Thus Mary Chikagami Lee’s presentation “Love is” from Stream of Praise Music was in the focus as well.

沒有愛的幸福家庭是什麼?因此,Mary Chikagami Lee在讚美之聲音樂中的演唱“Love is”也是焦點。

The testimony by couples who are married for many years, among them also the DA and his wife, was a highlight at the closing of the day.


How can it be different among children of God? Also the Lord had to speak. In the divine service on Sunday morning the bible quotation came from the section “the Christian Home” in the 3rd chapter of the epistle to the Colossians.


And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance, for you serve the Lord Christ (Verse 23+24)

無論你做什麼,都要盡心盡力,為主而不是為人,知道從主那裡將得到繼承的賞賜,因為你為主基督服務(第23 + 24節)

Called to do good not out of our own interest but love for the Lord and serving with consistency, humility and respect without any hypocrisy.


教 理 Catechism
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