Taiwan – Since 1972

Apostle Wolf started off his visit to Taiwan with a Brothers Meeting in Changhua, Central-Taiwan, on Saturday, 22 July. He lovingly encouraged the brethren to take a keen interest in the church’s catechism. Among other points of interest were:

  • Being well informed of the Gospel (reading and understanding it) to better practice it.
  • Understanding that baptism with water is a POWER
  • Serve the LORD out of love and not out of a calculating heart (seeking a reward).

Serve the Lord out LOVE, starting with our neighbour. On Sunday 23rd the apostle served the congregation of Taipei City in the north of Taiwan. A bible text word, taken from Matthew 6:20 served as a foundation for the divine service.

Later in the day the apostle visited Taoyuan, situated southwest of Taipei City and conducted an evening divine service in a hotel conference room there.

Much too soon the weekend with the apostle was over but that which was sown will remain and with the Lord’s help come to fruition.

教 理 Catechism
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