Taiwan – Since 1972

A retreat with ministers and members is always a special event and looked forward to for many months ahead. DEv. Ilex Lam and his team have set up a special program of sharing and fellowship. The event started with a presentation of proper preparation of brewed coffee by our Pr. Wu, a coffee farmer in whose are the event took place.  His little farm yields 500 kg coffee beans a year and he earned already quality awards for his coffee.

The retreat was themed “Victory with Christ in our faith” Various groups were formed to discuss the subject “overcoming with Christ” according to 1. Corinthians 15:57 of the 2016 New Year’s service. Then all were lead through a presentation titled “We will keep our faith alive” A visiting District Evangelist from China and Priest Hu from Taiwan shared experience.

The divine service on Sunday was celebrated by the District Apostle with Mark 9:24.

We have faith but still must overcome so much and Jesus helps us, just like he did not bypass, that father,  one out of the crowd, who was so concerned about his son. As individual we might be, but still in a crowd and Jesus can single us out when we turn to Him for help.

Brothers and Sisters from the Philippines, Sh. Ade from Japan, our Hong Kong Brethren with DEv. Lam and Pr. Choi brought some international flavor to this weekend. Farewell was joyful but also a bit sad yet all were comforted with the announcement we will have another retreat next year in July 2017.